About Stepping Stone Baskets

Ree with baskets ready for the Women's Shelter
Ree with baskets ready for the Women’s Shelter

Each year hundreds of young people age or transition out of Foster Care and become young adults starting a new life of independent living.

These young adults often leave care with nothing more then a plastic bag or backpack with a few treasured belongings.

And then there’s the young people living in residentials , group homes, shelters and fleeing domestic violence.

They usually do not have parents or family to help them, let alone savings for setting up a household.

Are you aware that in 15 years barely anything has changed to help these young people leaving the care system?
They can get loans for whitegoods, bond loans and salvos vouchers, but they still have to start from scratch.
18 and you have to come up with everything… shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, laundry powder, linen, toilet paper.
It’s expensive…especially when you have so much to think about and pay for.

Thats why my Husband Travis, my Sister Rebecca and Myself (Cherie) have started the Stepping Stones Baskets Project. We are a not-for-profit project run by like minded volunteers (unincorporated).

We do up laundry baskets full of household and hygiene products and an information pack for young people who are aging out of care or who are facing homelessness and setting up home for the first time.

We hope this small act will help ease the pressure for those stepping out on their own.

Due to demand we have also extended our services to those leaving violent situations at home. We want to help people in need and feel that sufferers of Domestic Violence fit that category too.

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